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The Dr. Bata Ltd. was established in 1987 by group of specialist in chemistry and bioengineering with the aim to produce feed additives by using fermentation process. The development of the Dr. Bata Ltd. and improvement of its products necessitated both introduction new production technologies and capital investments. Therefore in 1990 the company was subjected to reorganization and since that time it has run as Hungarian Canadian Company for Research and Development. Due to its evenly successful production and marketing activity, the company is now regarded and respected as a medium size enterprise in the Middle-European region.            

The activity profile of the company includes: generation, manufacturing and marketing, innovative products for animal nutrition and health. The staff comprising of biochemists, veterinarians, microbiologists, engineers and animal science specialist is able and prepared to implement the newest achievements of science in the practice and to produce of high quality products. We recommend respectfully our services and products to attention of our present and future partners.

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