NEW GENERATION of mycotoxins eliminator

Mycotoxins have negative effects on production, reproductive rate, growth efficiency, and immunological defence as well as causing damage to the liver and kidneys. Both polar and non polar mycotoxins can occur in the feed. Aflatoxins, trichothecene toxins, zearalenone, ochratoxin A, and fumonisin toxins can found during feed analyses.

The mycotoxin problem means, to manage all practically occurring mycotoxins.


  • Inactivating the Fusarium toxin, that impedes protein synthesis

  • Prevents the perinatal syndrome of sows caused by Zearalenon.

  • Occurrence of stillbirths, runted piglets, teat necroses and swollen uterus is reduced considerly or completely disappeared.

  • Decreases the infertility problems caused by shamestrus.

  • Decreases the immuno-suppressive effect of trichothecene contaminated feed, consequently efficiency of immunisation is improved.

  • Prevents the decline of egg production and hatchability disturbance caused by these toxins.

  • Decreases the rate of mortality of both laying hen and broiler chickens.


Detoxa Plus is a mycotoxin neutralising feed additive, it is suitable for disintegration of zearalenone, triclothecenes, ochratoxin A, fumonisin toxins, and adsorption of alfatoxins in digestive system.

Mycotoxins elimination rate£º

F2 toxin£º


T2 toxin£º
Ochratoxin A£º
Fumonisin B1£º